Happy Birthday: Jonny Lee Miller

WILDsound Festival

jonnyleemiller.jpgJonny Lee Miller

Born: November 15, 1972 in Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, England, UK

Married to: Michele Hicks (July 2008 – present) (1 child)
Angelina Jolie (28 March 1996 – 3 February 1999) (divorced)

I don’t think any actor has the luxury of knowing exactly what scripts are going to turn out well and what ones aren’t. It would be wonderful to have that particular skill, and maybe people like Tom Cruise have it more than most, but you go into each project hoping that a good, if not great, film will come out the other end. All you can do is look out for good scripts, and interesting people to work with.

dir. Tim Burton
Johnny Depp
Michelle Pfeiffer


Review of the TV crime drama
LOVE HONOUR AND OBEYLove Honour and Obey
dir. Dominic Anciano
Ray Burdis
Sadie Frost
Jonny Lee Miller

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