The Best Holiday Film You’ve (Maybe) Never Seen

Silver Screenings

(caption) Image: imdb.comOna Munson (R) wants to muss Joseph Schildkraut’s hair. Image:

We’re feeling all smug because we just learned two Big Things.*

(*You’re probably familiar with these things already, but please humour us.)

Big Thing #1  Did you know The New York Times publishes a list of people in need over the holidays, and has done so for 105 years?

Big Thing #2  We learned about #1 from a new-to-us holiday film, The Cheaters (1945), a comedy we’d never heard of before. It focuses on a once-wealthy family who are facing bankruptcy and are scrambling to restore their Rightful Place in the Universe.

As you might have guessed from the title, there’s some deception involved.

Scratch that. There’s A LOT of deception going on. This film is a study in artifice: Nearly everyone has something to gain, whether it’s a place to hide from an angry landlord or the chance to…

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