Film Review: FELL, USA, Drama/Supernatural

Festival Reviews

This five minute American short wraps up fable, myth and supernatural suspense in a quick and dramatic tale. A woman sits beside a fire and listens to two small children tell her a fairy tale of two wolves who have puppies. The puppies however, are turned into children by unknowable forces. Mysteriously moved by the children’s tale, our heroine remarks that the fairy-tale’s children must be very well loved. When she leaves the campfire to get more wood, she is alarmed to  hear dogs barking in the distance.

FELL is one of those alluring, almost chilling films that leaves just enough unanswered for the viewer to want to watch it again and again. Meaningful natural symbology gentle lace there way through the film like cobwebs. Special note must be given to the excellent performances of both children, as well as the lead- as so much emotion is conveyed in such…

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