Film Review: THE FOREST PRINCESS, USA, Fantasy/Family 

Festival Reviews

A five minute fantasy by Gretchen Bayer this gorgeous, sumptuous film is a beautiful look at life, nature and human relationships through the eyes of a child. A young girl runs through the forest recounting the wisdom of the world she has heard through her mother. Her universe is small, achingly innocent and astonishingly detailed as she embodies the  warrior and wanderer archetypes within the natural world. Beautifully shot and boasting excellent casting, this piece shines because it perfectly marries simplicity and profundity.

THE FOREST PRINCESS has some deeper tones within it. On the surface, it is a simple piece about the world of a child. Look just a little deeper though and this is a piece with a metaphor for the transition of death. As our young protagonist looks for her mother in the forest, and recounts the transition of a caterpillar into a butterfly, a poignant parallel can…

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