Read Poetry: Date Nights, by Jei Nacalaban JP

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I have a friend named Aaron.
He told me that,
To be able to find the one,
I need to look at other people.

Ridiculously loyal as I am,
I refused to do that.

Hard as I try,
Nobody can send electrical signals
Across my chest in an abnormal
Lightning speed,

Giving me chest pains, making me out of breath
Like you do.

Was I even in love? I wonder.
Look in my eyes, can you see the pupils
Of my myopic eyes dilate,
As it looked at you

Walking towards me with that
Irresistible smile,

Wait. Am I hearing fireworks nearby?
Or my head starts to hum violently?
That could be my chronic migraine,
Acting out or just that,

I’m too excited to sit across you
In our table,

Leaning closely as I can,
Listening to you talk,
Watching your lips move,
Mouthing words,

I’m trying to keep up…

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