Read Poetry: Young Heart, by Hala Emad 

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genre: Romance, Sad


The Bonbon

He took it with him with all the candies

Someone has to tell him, because

The bonbon is what this little girl owns

And whose her shadow only belongs

To his shadow, as the place she dwells.


He took the sugar,

The dream in green color,

My little toy, the beaker

And the tea’s flavor

Leaving jealousy for the boiler

Who when got jealous, did fritter.


He took my red flower,

The shells around my mirror,

My barbie doll, my laughter,

The feast scent and savor,

The dream that I just did texture,

My lipstick and my eyeliner.


He took the chocolate and its magnitude,

He embittered by his absence and solitude

Its beautiful taste and attitude.

Someone has thim: “I forgot any rude”,

As well as I decided to grow up not screwed.

By: Hala Emad


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