Director BIO: Julia Campanelli

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Director Biography

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Julia is an award-winning American director, writer, producer and actress of film and theatre. She is the founder of Shelter Film, a New York-based independent film company dedicated to creating engaging films, using complex female protagonists and female filmmakers. Shelter’s inaugural project, 116, a film Julia wrote, produced, directed, and stars in, with a female-majority crew, has won the following awards:

In 2017 –
Winner – Best Short Film – NYC Indie Film Awards
Winner – Best Director – NYC Indie Film Awards
Winner – Best Actress – NYC Indie Film Awards
Winner – Best Female Director – European Cinematography Awards
Winner – Best Actress – Symi International Film Festival
Winner – Best Actress – American Filmatic Arts Awards
Winner – Best Film Idea – Mediterranean Film Festival
Winner – Spotlight Award for Excellence – Elevation Film Awards
Winner – Award for Distinction – Canada Shorts International Film…

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