Director’s BIO: Leslie Aldana (THE WRITER’S ROOM)

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Director Biography


Leslie Aldana is an actress, writer, producer and Mexican director. He trained as a scriptwriter at the SOGEM school, also with Luis Mandoki and Gabriela Vidal. She began her career as an actress in the Forum Teatro Contemporaneo and CasAzul, then she decided to move on the other side of the camera. Her training as a film director has been with the filmmaker Luis Mandoki. His creative method goes hand in hand with the method of Configurations and Interpretation of Dreams by Álvaro López Waterman.

Director Statement

Every time you work with a story, the story itself reveals its secrets and its teaching, it somehow frees us. For My Writing and Directing The Woman of the Writer was a process where I questioned the way we perceive human relationships and what we mean by “loving.” What is the most sublime love? What is the right way to love?…

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