Film Review: A FOREST (Argentina)

Festival Reviews

 This experimental piece follows one man’s journey through the trauma of his world, his actions, his memory and his own mind. Following him through his world of memories and present day experiences revolving around an old and run down house, there is an unknowable quality to A FOREST. It is never truly clear what painful past event our hero is running from, trying to deal with, or launching towards. We get the beautiful, tragic picture of a jigsaw puzzle missing several key pieces. The glory of this type of film, is that is gives the audience ample ability to fill those pieces in with their own imaginations.

There is a soft, almost smoky sort of cinematic quality to piece- as though our hero must work through the literal smoking ashes of his past. It is never totally clear what he is moving through, but there are enough engaging, scintillating clues…

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