Film Review: CHRYSALIS (Singapore, Animation)

Festival Reviews

A truly inspiring work of animation, this visual masterpiece of a short comes to life in gripping detail with its use of the visual media. Dancing off the screen stream-of-consciousness style images, it retells an ancient fable of a butterfly- when assisted out of its’ cocoon it never develops properly and it hindered its’ whole life. It explores the greater concept of our struggles making us stronger.

While the strong story is enough to make film enjoyable- what is truly excellent about it are the images. They move within the story with the intensity of a roller coaster.

A vibrant and startling piece to engage with. CHRYSALIS is a spellbinding short film- it encapsulates all the things we want to see in shorts- beautiful story, meaningful messages and utterly beautiful images.

Short Film played at the ANIMATION FEEDBACK Film Festival in December 2017

Review by Kierston Drier

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