Film Review: PINK BUBBLES (Taiwan, Animation)

Festival Reviews

 A film with a deep and intrinsic stillness and beauty, held up by an emotional and powerful score, PINK BUBBLES is a visually alluring and moving film. Our gentle whale protagonist is lured towards the beautiful pink bubbles floating in the water towards it.

Believing them to be the whale music similar to other whales they’ve seen in the area, our hero rushes towards it- only to discover a dark and terrible secret.

The most powerful films are simple. PINK BUBBLES does not need intense dialogue or raucous music or mind-boggling stunts to be a captivating piece. It is visually fluid, beautifully composed, gorgeously rendered and profoundly meaningful. A short, simple and heart wrenching piece. A short not to miss.


Short Film played at the ANIMATION FEEDBACK Film Festival in December 2017

Review by Kierston Drier

PINK BUBBLES, 3min., Taiwan, Animation 
Directed by Pei Yao Pink Bubbles is a…

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