Film Review: PURRS AND ‘OL MAN BLUES (Canada, Animation)

Festival Reviews

  This bright and startlingly unique two minute Canadian Animation is filled with strong visuals and symbolism. The story is incredibly simple, yet undeniably compelling- our hero, the cool alley Cat simply retells his life know musician ‘Ol Man Blues.

Although we never get the details, there is an unmistakable undertone that Blues and Ally Cat are rough and tumble, hijinks creating machines. The audience only ever gets the cliff notes of what was sure to be a long and laughter-filled friendship.

PURRS AND ‘OL MAN BLUES leaves you wanting more- because you know there is more to be told. Like getting a piece of chocolate when you want the whole bar, this film is sweet enough to enjoy at it’s length- but just interesting enough for you to want more. A fantastical piece indeed.



Short Film played at the ANIMATION FEEDBACK Film Festival in December 2017


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