Film Review: YOU (Portugal)

Festival Reviews

 An experimental with gripping intensity and breathtaking visuals, YOU, directed by Hugo Pinto, is a compelling emotional piece about a tumultuous and passionate love story. Told from the male’s perspective, two lovers meet in a find love, while battling within themselves and the worlds around them.

Told with no character dialogue, but exceptional interpretive dance, our heroes move through, (often literally) gravity defying feats of life. Together they unravel the intense highs and lows of love. We follow our male protagonist as he rides a metaphorical emotional roller coaster, yet displays it literally through his dance with his partner.

Excellent camera work accompanies this intense story and the rapid fire editing and creative use of day and night as well as lightness and darkness mean that YOU is an excellent well composed film. It sweeps the audience up with it- for a few magical minutes, you are not watching a…

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