Film Review: BADSVILLE (USA/Canada 2016)

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Badsville Poster
A violent greaser gang is ripped apart when their leader finds love and is determined to leave Badsville – a town where love doesn’t exist.


April Mullen

BADSVILLE is about bad people in the town of Dodge.  The main character is a scary gang leader called Wink (Ian McLaren) whose mother has succumbed to cancer.  The mother makes Wink promise to leave town as it is a bad town.  Never mind a lot of the badness is Wink’s own doing.  With gang members like his (The Badsville Kings) especially his best friend Benny (Benjamin Barrett), who needs enemies?

The Badsville Kings enemy is the rival gang called the Badsville Aces, made even nastier by that gang leader’s father (Robert Knepper).

There is not…

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