Happy Birthday: Scott Glenn

WILDsound Festival

scottglenn.jpgScott Glenn

Born: January 26, 1941 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

There are many different reasons why people take parts. For me, there are basically two: one is economic — you have to keep working, pay the rent; that’s a given. The other one, for me, usually has nothing to do with the overall film – whether the script is good, whom I’m working with, whether it’s going to get good reviews — it’s just the part, the character. Is this somebody whose shoes I want to live in for four months? If I don’t instinctively answer ‘yes’ to that question, I shouldn’t be doing the movie.

dir. Randall Wallace
Diane Lane
Scott Glenn
The Silence of the LambsThe Silence of the Lambs
dir. by Jonathan Demme
Anthony Hopkins
Nights in RodantheNights in Rodanthe
dir. George C. Wolfe
Richard Gere
Apocalypse Now
dir. Coppola
Martin Sheen
Marlin Brando

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