Short Film: NEVERLAND, by Sara Eustaquio

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Short script written by Portuguese multi-award winning young filmmaker Sara Eustaquio, 17, director of “4242” and “Mirror”. Project in pre-production. Filming starts late 2017.

Do you like yourself? Can you feel something?
A group of teenagers spend a night out together challenging emotions and feelings in a place called Neverland. A place they gonna find it’s not only physical.

• Best Screenplay (The Buddha International Film Festival), June 2017, India
• Award of Recognition (Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger) (Best Shorts Competition), September 2017, USA
• Best Screenplay Writing (2nd Place) (Philadelphia Youth Film Festival), November 2017, USA

• Nomination for Best Screenplay (IndustryBOOST Competition), November 2016, USA
• Nomination for Best Screenplay (Youth 18) (Newark International Film Festival), September 2017, USA

Other Official Selections:
• Mediterranean Film Festival, December 2016, Italy
• Lake Charles Film & Music Festival, October 2017, USA
• Independent Film Collaborative…

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