Short Film: The Girl and the Mask, by Maria Segura

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Dd2a688628 poster“Many rebelled in the streets and against their government. And those who revolted, were tormented, tortured and killed.” (The Girl and the Mask), an Experimental Artistic Sci-Fi Short Film tells the story of our advancing technology, its negative psychological impact on humanity and the collapse of Mankind. To prevent the self-destruction of our human race, the Government creates a new law and a new form of technology that will keep humans under control.
Writer Biography

B76df4eede headshot

First time Filmmaker. Combining my Art, Art Photography, Writing, Music and whatever resources I have to tell stories and create film of all genres.

Writer Statement

I have always had a vision of combining my work into film. While participating in the Assistant Directors Program at the Reno Little Theater, one of the opportunities given was to direct a play which would showcase at the end of the year.

I decided on Directing one of…

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