COMEDY Best Scene Reading of COURTING LUCREZIA, by Christopher Hudson



Murray – Geoff Mays
Doorman – Sean Ballantyne
Narration – Hugh Ritchie
Evelyn – Julie C. Sheppard
Lucille – Victoria Urquhart

Get to know the writer:

 1. What is your screenplay about?

Dracula comes out of retirement to take a bite out of the Big Apple in
a quirky, romantic comedy that pays homage to classic cinematic battles
between the sexes.

Posing as Sir John Renfield, a successful English Barrister,
Dracula’s on a mysterious mission to Manhattan, to see a brilliant young
scientist, Dr. Victor Potemkin. Victor has invented a miraculous serum that
promises eternal life, but he’s been cheated out of his discovery by
his former employer, Evelyn Ferret, and her inept scientist boy-toy, Dr.
Murray Cravenwitz. For reasons unknown to Victor at the time, Dracula
agrees to represent him in a lawsuit.

Evelyn’s attorney is Lucille Borget, known in legal circles as “The
Barracuda,” she’s never…

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