Happy Birthday: Sherilyn Fenn

WILDsound Festival

sherilynfennSherilyn Fenn

Born: February 1, 1965 in Detroit, Michigan, USA

Was engaged to Johnny Depp, whom she met on the set of the 1985 short student film “Dummies”. Their relationship lasted three and a half years.

Niece of 1970s pop singer Suzi Quatro and musicians Patti Quatro, Michael Quatro, and Nancy Quatro.

 [[interviewed by M.J. Simpson, 10/1/97, on director David Lynch] I’m sure you’ve heard that description, “Jimmy Stewart from Mars”. Yes. Because a part of him is really so sweet and pure and innocent. He’d tell me my take was “Jim-dandy”, or “Doggone it, Sherilyn, that was cool”. His direction is abstract. He doesn’t ever say “Go do this” or “Go do that”. He’ll just tell you some weird story, or when I did Wild at Heart (1990) David’s direction was, “Only think of this: bobby pins, lipstick, wallet, comb, that’s it”. He’s very creative and unafraid of taking…

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