Read Poetry: Hope and Fear, by Jean DeMello

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Hope a lovely lass
Fear, a skeptic lad
Met each other on a fateful evening
Hope, so pretty
Her smiled bloomed like
A hibiscus
Fear, tormented face yet
Amazing like the sky
On a new moon night
It was love at first sight
For hope, it just felt right
As if she knew him since forever
Fear wanted her
For he wanted a taste of
Her smile
Even if for a while
Hope sneaked a peak
Fear stared her in the eye
The karmic attraction they couldn’t deny

Hope was naive
Fear was cruel
Yet this was something he
Couldn’t resist
As he kissed her smile that night
Moved his fingers on her lips
Hope, had never before felt
The intensity of heat
It felt like fire and ice both
Made Home on her lips
She smile moved to his
He felt roses and everything mellow
Agitated, he went in…

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