Film Review: HONEYMOON, Switzerland, Romance

Festival Reviews

A simple, sweet and heartwarming three-minute comedy coming from Switzerland by director Anaelle Morf, HONEYMOON is about a middle aged man and woman who meet at a bar. Over drinks, dancing and flirting the two rush off to find a quiet place to get some more personal time together. When they finally stumble home, slightly drunkenly, it is revealed they are not having a one-night stand. They are a married couple trying to add some spark to their marriage.

While the story may have been seen before, this film carries its own special type f  heartwarming quality. As our couple get interrupted from their evening of fun by the appearance of their child running into the living room- we do not get a sense that their stale marriage is on the rocks. What we feel instead, is that this date night was an attempt at a romantic adventure- but not…

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