Film Review: THE FLOW, Belgium, Adventure

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THE FLOW a sharp, poignant and beautifully sweeping film coming from Belgium tells the story of a young man whose car breaks down in the middle of a deserted road. Under director Jelle Bleyenbregh, this film has an awe-inspiring quality to it, full to bursting with cinematic moments.

The film has no dialogue, but no lack of story. In a slender three minutes our hero hits his major conflict with his car and must face the great wild elements to get to civilization. But what starts out as working against the elements turns into a journey of finding harmony within them.

A gorgeous film with incredible music and wonderful composition, it encapsulates the reminder that in the vast scheme of things, we are all very small. But it is deeper than that- THE FLOW is a story about how, sometimes we must get lost to find ourselves.

Review by Kierston…

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