Happy Birthday: William Petersen

WILDsound Festival

William Petersen.jpgWilliam Petersen

Born: February 21, 1953 in Evanston, Illinois, USA

Married to: Gina Cirone (14 June 2003 – present) (2 children)
Joanne Brady (1974 – 1981) (divorced) (1 child)

After Manhunter (1986) and To Live and Die in L.A. (1985), there were all these cop movies that came my way, but they weren’t any good, so I didn’t do them. Then, there was talk about my doing Platoon (1986), but I didn’t want to sit in a ditch in the Philippines for eight weeks for no money. Instead, I did an HBO baseball movie for more money and more fun, and I got to play ball. I enjoy watching great movies like Platoon (1986), but I don’t have to be in them. I never fell in love with movies. I didn’t want to spend all that time an effort. I’ve had it pretty good. I’ve had it my own way.

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