Film Review: LAST MEN IN ALEPPO (Syria 2017) ***

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Last Men in Aleppo Poster


Khaled, Mahmoud, and Subhi volunteered at the white helmets trying to save lives of hundreds of victims at besieged city during the Syrian civil war.


Feras Fayyad 

LAST MEN IN ALEPPO has been nominated for Best Documentary for thisnyear’s Academy Awards.  It is also essential viewing for its subject matter.

 Aleppo was the largest city of Syria but now considered only the second (population 4.6 million) after the Syrian Civil war from 2012- 2016.  It is the setting of this riveting war documentary

The director and subject of The Last Men in Aleppo, the documentary about a volunteer medical relief unit in Syria called the White Helmets, has just been reported by THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER that they will not attending the Oscar ceremony in March.  The…

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