Feature Film: BLACK, by Johnny Aangraj

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64ffb35395 posterSynopsis (Black):
Genre – Romance, Crime, Drama
Oneliner – A girl’s death completes a Writer’s story.
The screenplay is in Chapters. It begins with a prologue & then goes back from Chapter 5 to Chapter 1 and ends with Epilogue.
Prologue -We see a MMS of a boy, Vikrant(27) & a girl.
Chapter 5 – “Death of the Protagonist” – A girl named Alia(22), protagonist of the story, is dead & being buried in a graveyard.The inspector Randeep(40) with junior Inspector Adamya (32) reach the place of death, Alia’s house for investigation. They find – Poison bottle outside the Kitchen window in lawn, a completely crushed cup in dustbin, a bag almost full with cash, burnt will papers, many bookshelves, whip, handcuffs, stains of blood on bed sheet & few more things there. Finally they find a Marriage certificate of Alia with Vikrant(27) in bedroom.
Chapter 4–“Rashomon in Inspector’s Cabin”…

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