Feature Film: RainbowMan: the SuperHero of the Light, by Lorenzo Sbrinci

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470e0fddcb posterIn a challenging world it’s easy to get lost in dark thoughts. Rainbowman helps his customers to find the ideal place to live with his Rainbow Real Estate Agency, by finding first the right feeling place within with his Super Powers. He shows how powerful can be the Light

Rainbow Real Estate Agency is not a common agency; it trains his customers to be free by designing their dream home in their mind first. Rainbowman uses his SuperPOWERS to remind others that they can live the life they desire, when they focus on their creative powers.

Ray is looking for a job and ended up in a very special Estate Agency where the owner teaches him to listen to the real dreams of the customers, not just to their needs. The Supervisor of the Agency trains Ray to be sensitive to his feelings and how to open up to the…

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