Happy Birthday: Johnny Cash (1932–2003)

WILDsound Festival

Johnny Cash (1932–2003).jpgJohnny Cash (1932–2003)

Born: February 26, 1932 in Kingsland, Arkansas, USA
Died: September 12, 2003 (age 71) in Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Married to:
June Carter Cash (1 March 1968 – 15 May 2003) (her death) (1 child)
Vivian Dorraine Liberto (7 August 1954 – 3 January 1968) (divorced) (4 children)

Success is having to worry about every damn thing in the world, except money.

Ain’t nothin’ too weird for me. People call me wild. Not really though, I’m not.I guess I’ve never been normal, not what you call Establishment. I’m country.

[on performing at Folsom Prison] A prison audience is the most exciting in the world. The men are with you, feeding you every second, Maybe because they need you so bad…I gave them a stiff shot of realism, singing about the things they talk about, the outside, shooting, escaping, girl friends, and coming to the end. They knew it…

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