Happy Birthday: Timothy Spall

WILDsound Festival

Timothy Spall.jpgTimothy Spall

Born: February 27, 1957 in Battersea, London, England, UK

Married to: Shane Spall (1 December 1981 – present) (3 children)

[on the possibility of an award at Cannes for ‘Mr. Turner’] If it comes up, I’ll have a go. Someone’s got to win one. Actors always say, ‘Oh, competition shouldn’t be part of art’. Bollocks. It’s a part of everything.

[on inadvertently assuming the persona of J.M.W. Turner in a pub , while preparing for his role] I grunted in a Georgian way, ‘Are you a provider of wine?’ I had to go and lean against a wall and take a deep breath to go back and ask, ‘Can I have a glass of Pinot Grigio?’This is the only time in my life when the character bled into me.

Obviously I can’t paint like Turner. I can paint like he did at nine. If you look at his…

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