STAGE PLAY Best Scene Script Reading of RARE COINS SPENT, by Beth Fine

WILDsound Festival


Type: Stage Play

Genre: Historical Fiction Drama

Logline: Rare Coins Spent describes how St. Lawrence, Rome’s Archdeacon in 258 A.D., traded treasures from wealthy Christians for supplies to help poor congregants. Meanwhile, pernicious decadence, warfare, and inflation were bringing Rome to the brink of bankruptcy which Caesar Valerian then obtusely blamed on Christians and ordered their leaders’ immediate death.

Get to know the writer:

What is your play about?

It fictionally summarizes the charitable work of Lorenzo, Archdeacon in Rome in 258 A.D. and culminates in the week of his martyrdom on a fiery spit. It not only reflects the well documented decadence of the era and the emergence of a somewhat underground Christian community, but also illuminates the governmental ineffectiveness caused by a shrinking patrician-progeny to carry on Rome’s goals. In addition to these conditions, constant and distant wars plus deceitful minters deflating the coins, started the economic/military/political…

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