Movie Trailer: IRON, directed by Pedro Milheiro

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Eb2ac7110f posterIn 2017 the Romanian Government tries to legalize a law that decriminalizes corruption crimes up to 48 thousand dollars, provoking the greatest of demonstrations since the fall of communism. Several people are looking for an alternative that will give them a more stable life.

Director Biography – Pedro Milheiro

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After founding Telheiras Cinema Club (Lisbon), moved to Bucharest where organizes film festivals. Director with urban vision, where draws inspiration from the simple things of everyday life.

Director Statement

In my elementary school, there was a very popular boy with the nickname of Picasso. Ever since I’ve been curious to know why people were calling him Picasso. Could he draw? Was there any artistic blood? One day I discovered that they called him Picasso because he drew a giant penis in the drawing class and was suspended for 40 days.
Nowadays, I do not know if Picasso is dead or alive…

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