Read Poetry: Our Solar System by Kurt Chambers

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The moon shines so very bright,
especially on a crisp clear night.
The Sun is big and very hot,
and also covered in little spots.

Mercury is indeed quite small,
against the Sun it’s a tiny ball.
Venus is cloudy like a rainy day,
but much too hot to go out and play.

The Earth is blue and warm and nice,
and this is where I spend my life.
Mars is next and oh so red,
but there’s no life, it’s completely dead.

Jupiter is the biggest of them all,
but it’s just a giant gas ball.
Saturn looks cool with its enormous ring,
It’s the solar systems ultimate bling-bling.

Uranus always gets a laugh,
but it really isn’t quite that daft.
Neptune is next upon the list,
with its almost invisible disc.

Now we’ve come so very far,
from our friendly yellow star,
we come to Pluto which some…

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