Movie Trailer: STEAM HORSE, directed by FIAT FROST

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Promo 001STEAM HORSE, a short film project based on an unpublished novel written by FIAT FROST. The story is focusing on the timeline of CAPTAIN CRAIG who just returned from STEAM HORSE mission. He reloaded the operating system of a pony robot called STEAM HORSE which is stolen by Robot Army and quarantined at the Factorian. CAPTAIN CRAIG also saved human slaves from robots and brought them ahead to Cydonia. To fill some gasoline for STEAM HORSE, he decided to drop by at the Museum Of Wisdom where he met his old friend GINA. Something is not quite right. He is facing the intruders at the library. Let’s see if Captain will success on his mission.

Director Biography – FIAT FROST

Fiat face 007

FIAT FROST also known as Pakapol Rajchawong, a song writer, producer and filmmaker based in Bangkok. His career expanded creativity works such as filming music video for musicians, composing music…

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