Happy Birthday: Amy Pietz

WILDsound Festival

Amy Pietz.jpgAmy Pietz

Born: March 6, 1969 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Married to: Frank Stier (17 January 2010 – present) (2 children)
Kenneth Alan Williams (25 May 1997 – 2006) (divorced)

Farming, from an outside perspective, can be viewed as a romantic, free and off-the-grid life, but the constant work of it means a routine you must follow or everyone dies.

I think the biggest survival instinct that Midwesterners possess is self deprecation, it’s almost a Buddha-like sense of humor in anything that is difficult to get through. They would prefer to laugh at difficulties, show their mettle through that, and toughen up and have a beer afterward. That’s definitely the characteristic I’ve carried through me, and hope to never lose.

When you’re trapped in a small town, the only excitement is the booze.


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