Read Poetry: Ballad of the East Wind, by Mark Anthony Tierno

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Author’s Note: The following was paced to the tune of Ghost Riders In The Sky.

I) In a place of long ago,
and not so far away;
A wind did there rose,
straight out of Ca-alay.
Swirl the wind did round,
up and over ground;
Then went it up and through,
and over, Ocean Blue.


II) Then across the way,
a hillock it did spy;
Upon which sat a man,
‘ere here to die.
He was a sage of old,
with much knowledge to be told.
So, did the wind swirl and toy,
and ‘pon the hill did form, into a boy.


III) His robe was spun in silken blue,
his hair of blackest night.
His eyes shine did like moonbeams,
his smile did twinkle bright.
Then towards yonder sage he did walk,
and bent down he for to talk.
Said he, “I cometh here to talk to…

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