Read Poetry: Walden’s Rebel south…?, by Jarl K. Jackson

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Say the word, Henry, and it will be done –
It will be… 
So declares my soul – my spirit readily agrees 
(It smiles a wry smile)…
I am confused – happy…
Every one of those ten thousand things (?)
March on the other’s seat at last!
It must be June again – or July…
It must be autumn – November remember….


Declaration, proclamations and oaths (sworn and broken),
All in the fragrant (tragic-comic) silent night,
‘Don’t tread on me’?


Recall: – Shenandoah – and ‘6’…


That color, catching the breeze there,
What is it?
A flag-
A stretch of cloth.
A bold and noble banner… mayhap – not?


With cross saltier-
Azure- – emblazoned – with pentangles -13…
Upon a field argent… 


I would salute-
I wave-
I would doff my hat
(If I had one – and if it…

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