Read Poetry: Thank God for Pearl!, by Dennis De Rose

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I went to church when I was five,

Sunday school, never missed it.

I looked over; who did I see?

Well, of course, I saw Pearl, teaching.

Time went by and I got older,

I graduated to the “big church”.

I looked over, I sat on the left.

Who was on the right, Pearl.

Once a month, every month,

Usually the first Sunday… Food`s aplenty.

Go downstairs to eat, who`s there?

Pearl, with bowl in hand, always smiling.

Time goes by, I’m married now.

It’s Sunday. Church again.

I look to the right, across the aisle,

and who`s there? Right again. Pearl…

1999, it’s a very sad Sunday in church.

My Gramzer, up front lying in a casket.

I stood up, turned around, I said a few words.

Who do I see? Pearl, handkerchief in hand.

It`s Sunday, Church, Choir time.

I walk up front and once again,

Looking behind…

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