Film Review: NELLY ET SIMON: MISSION YETI (Canada 2017)

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Mission Kathmandu: The Adventures of Nelly & Simon Poster
Quebec City, 1955. Nelly Maloye, an ebullient novice detective, accidentally crosses paths with Simon Picard, an ambitious research assistant in anthropology at the local university. Backed…See full summary »


Pierre Greco (co-director), Nancy Florence Savard (co-director)


Pierre Greco (co-writer), André Morency (co-writer)

A Quebecois animated feature, it would be assumed that English Canada would get the English version.  The film opens after premiering at TIFF kids 2018.

The film is set in Quebec 1956.  The Nelly and Simon of the title are two friends that embark on an expedition in the Himalayas in search of the Yeti, a sort of missing link.

Nelly Maloye is a very amateur private eye who stumbles into the research lab of Simon Picard.  Picard is a young anthropologist.  Frustrated and…

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