Read Poetry: Love and Words, by Butch Dias

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Your love and your words,
Encouraged my heart.
You saw me broken,
And falling apart.

I was so broken,
I was a broken man.
But you told me I was special.
And that God had a plan.

You brought me up,
When others cut me down.
You said I was one in a million,
When they said I was a clown.

You sent me a huge hug,
When I began to weep.
You walked with me,
When my mountain was steep.

You encouraged me,
In every step.
You dried my tears,
When I hurt and wept.

You were there,
Every step of the way.
And built me up,
And by my side you did stay.

You sent me a picture,
To give me some hope.
Your words of wisdom.
Gave me comfort to cope.

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