Short Film: BUMP, by Julia Perri

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82773fefeb posterA short yet powerful story, a story which is so incredibly close to the truth of what is  happening not only in Italy and Europe, but the entire world. A young Italian couple, madly in love, obsessed with excitement and fear, resort to pickpocketing as a means of survival.
The story takes place on the streets of Sardinia, there are elements of humor, love, drama, many thrilling moments, and of course pure heart.

Shoplifters and pickpockets operate in different emotional weather than more brazen  thieves. They do not use strength, but stealth. Their thefts are intimate violations of the  property of others; to succeed, they must either remain invisible or inspire trust.  We are introduced to Antonio and Giulia, a young Italian couple living on the island of  Sardinia in Italy. Obsessed with excitement and fear, we experience 24 hours in the life of this couple. They are attractive, well-dressed, even elegant, charming…

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