Died Today: Steven Bochco, Creator of TV Hits Like ‘Hill Street Blues’ and ‘NYPD Blue,’ Dies at 74


Steven Bochco Picture

Steven Bochco (1943–2018)

Attended Carnegie Tech (now Carnegie-Mellon U) as a playwriting major. Barbara BossonMichael TuckerBruce Weitz and Charles Haid were classmates; he and Tucker drove cross-country to Hollywood for full-time jobs at Universal, where Bochco would remain for 12 years.


(age 74)


[on Hill Street Blues (1981)]: ‘We conveyed the sense of being powerless–as cops, you were garbage collectors in a sense. You might have kept the lid on things, but it never got better. Furillo [‘Daniel Travanti’] had tons of responsibility and very little authority and the cumulative impact thematically was a kind of despair, alleviated by outrageous gallows humor.’
Television and film are such streamlined story mediums. You can’t really meander about, whereas a novel is an interior experience. Once you have your map, once you know your final destination, you can take all these pit stops along the way. You can take side trips and digress, riff on something and come back to the main road. It’s so much fun.

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