Film Review: MARY GOES ROUND (Canada 2017) ***

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Mary Goes Round Poster
Mary is a substance abuse counsellor with a drinking problem. After getting arrested for drunk driving and losing her job, Mary returns to her hometown where she learns that her estranged …See full summary »


Molly McGlynn

MARY GOES ROUND is the story of Mary.

Mary (Aya Cash) is what one might called a loser.  Her family split up when she was a child and, after her mother died, she was left alone, uninterested in (and maybe incapable of ) reconnecting with her father, Walt (John Ralton). She drinks to excess, crashes a car, loses her boyfriend and suspended from her job.  Her life goes round, nowhere.  Hailing from Toronto, she decides to leave, but not for the better as she discovers.  Despite the…

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