Interview with Winning Screenwriter Taylor Zaccario (DIMAGGIO)

Matthew Toffolo's Summary

Get to know the writer:

 1. What is your screenplay about?

A father, desperate to connect with his son, tries to force his passion for baseball onto his son who is more interested in music.

2. What genres does your screenplay fall under?

Family drama, sports drama.

3. Why should this screenplay be made into a movie?

This is a story about a parent and a child. Both love each other tremendously but fear they have nothing in common. They want nothing more than to have a connection. This is a universal theme and a story that an audience will connect with regardless of age and culture. I think audience would love to see it on the big screen.

4. How would you describe this script in two words?

The two words would be: “love” and “passion”.

5. What movie have you seen the most times in your life?


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