FEMALE Festival Best Scene Reading of SADIE SASQUASH, by Frank Vespe

FEEDBACK Female Film Festival


Genre: Drama

Fearing they’ll be exposed and exploited, Sammy. Sasquash abandons his mate and twin babies deep in the Pacific Northwest. Shunned by the animal kingdom as freaks, Sadie Sasquash grapples with her infants in an unwelcoming world until she stumbles upon a woman lost in the woods. Slowly, they forge a friendship, and despite their differences, struggle to survive…together.


Benny: Brandon Knox
Alfie: Gabriel Darku
Narrator: Angelica Alejandro
Sammy: Charles Gordon
Sadie: Carina Cojeen
Animal Voice: Katelyn Varadi

Get to know the writer:

 1. What is your screenplay about?

Whenever I saw or read reports about Sasquatch/Big Foot sightings, it was referred as “There HE is; let’s get HIM,” Never did I hear, “There SHE is; let’s get HER,” but I always thought Sasquatch was a vulnerable, frightened female, abandoned by her mate, struggling to survive, an outcast in the animal kingdom as a “freak,” not…

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