Interview with Winning Screenwriter J. David Thayer (ROBOTS FROM NEPTUNE)

Matthew Toffolo's Summary

Get to know the writer:

 1. What is your screenplay about?

The ROBOBTS FROM NEPTUNE film trilogy is an animated scieince fiction comedy. This scene is from the epymonous first film, and films two and three are entitiled RFN2:The Venus Casino, and RFN3: Pax Neptunia.

In the first film, we learn of a race of people called the X-Tonians. They live deep within the icy layers of Neptune on a floating chunk of ore called The X-Tonian Subcontent. X-Tonians each have six eyes, no mouths, and they communicate exclusively through telepathy. They also telepathically control a set of disembodied hands, and they move around atop a single slug-like foot. As we join them in our story, X-Tonia is on the brink of suffocation. They are silicone-based creatures, and they metabolize in reverse from humans–which is to say they breathe pollution and exhale clean air. Centuries of over industrialization have cleaned…

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