Best Scene Reading of MURDER GO ROUND, by Phillip E Hardy

WILDsound Festival


Crime, Mystery, Thriller

Logline: When a former detective, crippled in a racially motivated shooting discovers several strange women’s photos in a family album, he begins to unravel a mystery that might prove his father was responsible for a string of unsolved murders.

Narrator: Val Cole
Roland: Gabriel Darku
Bob Reno: David Schaap
Officer Jones: Noah Casey
Otis: Neil Bennett

Get to know the writer:

What is your screenplay about?:

Detective Joe innocenti loses his job, his girlfriend and the use of his
left arm when he is nearly killed in a racially motivated, drive by
shooting. After putting the pieces of his life back together, he returns to
his childhood home upon his father’s death. With sizable inherited wealth
and estate, Joe goes through his father things and attempts to reconcile
with his ex-girlfriend. He also discovers disturbing evidence that his
father may be tied to victims of several…

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