Director BIO: Haonan Wang (BLACK BIRD)

Experimental Film & Music Video Festival

Director Biography

Director photo

Haonan Wang is a Director and Cinematographer originally from China. He graduated from Art Center College of Design with a MFA in Film, and from University of Miami with a BFA in Film. He directed a promotional short film “Bioroid” for Chinese clothing brand Bouquet Fever, a music video for musician Eddie Beatz and a spic commercial for Thierry Mugler’s perfume “Alien”; and he was also the Director of Photography for award winning short film “Shop Of Eternal Life” and feature film “A surprising story: madness of eunuch”.

Director Statement

I consider myself as a filmmaker who explores and experiments with different mediums and forms of cinema as I had directed narrative films, fashion films, music videos and commercials. Creativity and original ideas are what interests and motivates me the most; with my films, I often like to comment on emotions or feelings that deeply moved me, and…

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