FANTASY 1st Scene Screenplay Reading of DRAGONSONG, by Robert Cox


Genre: Fantasy

A MIDWIFE carries a newborn to a forest cave. It’s 527AD. NIMUEH, the sorceress, waits there to cast a spell, encasing the child in a crystal tomb, as she did to his father, Merlin. Nimueh kills the midwife to hide her secret.


NARRATOR: Rachel Rain Packota

Carolyn: Vanessa Burns
Edward: Jason Gray
Midwife: Stephanie Haines
Nimueh: Olivia Jon

Get to know the writer: 

  1. What is your screenplay about?

It’s the story of Tal, a young man with a magical heritage, the son of the Magician Merlin, who finds that after hiding his magic for most of his life, realizes that he must do battle with the sorceress that trapped his father and has tried throughout history to conquer England by allying herself with those who sought to invade her. Now, she has allied herself with the Nazi’s and only Tal, his friend Arthur and his RAF…

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