Read Poetry: Utopia, by Ndue Ukaj

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Everything is different, in the horizon the Sun is crumbled

The crumbles remained on the earth’s heart like triumphant arrows.

We can’t recognize the colors through the wind caressing the memory

We do not read poetry in the universe of foolishness

Where relations between darkness and light

Appear just like relations between the wall and thought.

Behind is played the surprising game, just like before

Birds are falling in the ground, just like in times when hell was written,

Oh God, everything has changed,

At a time when a small fence is darkening our big eyes.


The moon finds a path through mummy hands remaining like arrows towards the sky

And the sun dissolving just like a candle through tired eyes

Who can’t see anything in the blue sky, except a small cloud

A cloud darkening everything 

Therefore vision is coiled in space

Just like the wind creating its avalanche

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