HORROR Best Scene Script Reading of THE WORK OF ZOMBIES, by Patricia Semler

Festival for HORROR


Genre: Horror, Crime, Suspense

Logline: Detective Mike Chaldelaine thought he left his demons back in New Orleans. But zombies are robbing banks in Savannah and Mike’s forced to reveal his own voodoo training to thwart the crazed priest and rescue the muck-raking reporter fanning the hysteria.


Narrator: Fiona Mongillo
Mike – Peter Nelson
Gus – Trevor Marlatt
Devon – Sean Ballantyne
Sylvia – Julie C. Sheppard
Priestess – Vanessa Quagliara

Get to know the writer: 

1. What is your screenplay about? 

The Work of Zombies tells the story of a young lovestruck voodoo priest and the havoc he causes chasing an unrequited love and the Cajun cop just savvy enough in the voodoo arts to know how to stop him.

2. What genres does your screenplay fall under? 

3. Why should this screenplay be made into a movie? 
The Work of Zombies returns the undead to…

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