Read Poem: Ride or Die, by Rachel Marie

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Scrolling through my memory

I stop on slideshows with pictures of you & me

As I reminisce on our younger years

And constantly ask God why you’re not here

Why’d it have to be you that he took?

Why’d it have to be my world he shook?

Glancing now across this ocean

I still see our footprints where we stood—side by side

You were my first—ride or die

You showed me what love was

And taught me to be whatever I wanted

Allowing me to be myself & showing me how to release my burdens

Through music & writing, I remember your teachings

And all the lessons on how not to let my demons consume me

Letting me think for myself

But still guiding

And whenever I felt like dying 

You were always there to revive me

To this day I still don’t understand

Why God took my brother…

Instead of another man-

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